Digital Content Creation

Digital content creation has revolutionized the way we communicate and share information. Creating content online has also opened up new avenues for earning passive income and helping others. Today, we’re covering exactly what it means to be a digital content creator using what you know and love to talk about. You’ll also find some easy ways to create online content to support the greatest needs of your target audience.

What is Digital Content Creation?

Digital content creation is the process of generating and sharing online content such as videos, blogs, and social media posts. It’s a great way to earn passive income, help others, and change your life. We described how digital content is a circle of income generation in our resource on “how do websites make money“.

Digital content creation is the process of using technology to make new content. Technology designed as content creation tools such as Photoshop, Canva, and ebook templates allow anyone to create high-quality content using what they know and are passionate about to sell what you know to an audience that wants to buy.

Tools such as and social media platforms like Instagram, Tiktok, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter are platforms for sharing and promoting digital materials. This influencer marketing is just one piece of the puzzle, however.

There is currently a creator economy. Anyone can develop resources, guides, handbooks, and strategy supports using what they know and are experienced in. You don’t need fancy technology or an illustrator to get started; You can simply open Google docs or use one of our ready-made templates to get you started.

Why Go into Digital Content Creation?

You’ve gone to school, possibly worked in a field of your selected profession for several years, and you’ve progressed as a professional. Why would you move from the face-to-face interaction with your clients to a virtual setting in the online space?

The main reason is to earn a passive income using what you know as a professional. So many of us have student loans that need to be paid off, but in addition, the changing economy, higher prices, and even lack of raises mean that everything changes. A stream of passive income on the side is needed more than ever before.

Selling digital products is an option for everyone! We covered how to earn money online as a student which has many ideas for digital content creation in the online space.

While there are many options out there as added income sources (tutoring, selling items in a home-based business, etc.), however these traditional income streams trade time for money. It’s through digital content creation that passive income is truly possible.

Taking that concept a step further, there are several great reasons to look into digital content creation as a professional (and still keep your day job). You just need to start thinking bigger.

Digital Content Marketing can help you…

We cover more specifics in our blog post on content creation in digital marketing.

  1. Build on your knowledge base- Every professional, whether in a health, education, human services, or any field can draw from their experiences to create resources that support others. 
  2. Publish books and articles- As a professional, it’s likely you are drawn to research and continuing education. One aspect of that professional development is the publication avenue. If you’ve ever thought about publishing a book based on your professional knowledge or experiences, the online digital market is a fast and effective manner to get published and start making sales by getting in front of your intended audience.
  3. Reach a wider audience- Digital content creation has revolutionized the way we communicate and share information. It has also opened up new avenues for supporting others world-wide. For those in a smalltown clinic, it can be difficult to expand beyond the local needs. However, with digital content products and resources, you can exponentially increase your sales using a digital marketing strategy with resources you may have already created and are using.
  4. Create high quality content- Using tools that are available online, you can create high quality content. We cover this in our program, Digital Product Creation for Professionals, including plug-and-go templates to support quality content creation.
  5. Earn a passive income- This is worth repeating! Creating content also allows you to earn passive income even when you are working your day job or at night while you sleep! The internet never sleeps so, if you are looking for a way to make money and help others, then digital content creation is the way to go. Online sales happen at all hours of the day and night!
  6. Be creative- Making digital resources is a creative outlet. It is likely that there are areas of your work that you enjoy talking about; areas that you could go on and on about because you love to support those specific needs. Making effective tools to address these areas is a creative source that has mindset benefits.
  7. Battle burnout- Professionals in all areas at one point or another, experience burnout. Working long hours, serving clients or students that have high needs, fulfilling productivity requirements all lead to a burnout and feelings of overwhelm. It is possible to counter that burnout feeling by creating resources you are interested in, you are filling that bucket that allows you to serve others, thereby battling the burnout that so often impacts professionals. 
  8. Help others- Professionals in many fields are considered “helpers”. Those in the healthcare field help their clients and patients. Teachers and guidance counselors help their students with needs impacting education. For real examples of how educators can create resources that make a true impact by helping students and other educators (and earn a side income), check out this resource on side jobs for teachers. Every field can pick one way that their work supports others. By creating digital content, you can expand on the reach.

These are just a handful of ways that digital content can impact you and those you serve.

And as a side note, for those who work seasonally, like educators or school-based professionals, you can create digital content during your Summer breaks and then schedule it out over the school year. This is one option that came up in our resource on Summer jobs for teachers.

If you are looking for a way to change your life and make a difference, then digital content creation is for you. It allows you to generate ideas, make that information accessible to your audience, and help others.

As an online creator, personally, I have experienced the life-changing impact as a result of creating and selling materials online. Imagine going from a full time job in your current position to an entrepreneurial endeavor that supports yourself and your family! 

If you’re ready to get started with digital content creation, then check out a conversation between two professional therapists-turned digital content creators in the video below. Colleen from The OT Toolbox and Margaret from Your Therapy Source are an occupational therapist and physical therapist duo who talk all things digital content strategy. 

In this video, we’ll give you an overview of everything you need to know to get started with digital content ideas that sell:

Content Creation Ideas

As a professional in any field, you’ve likely supported the needs of the public. It is extremely possible to cash in on what you know by creating resources that can support your typical audience, whether that be clients, families, children, educators, other professionals, etc.

Think of it this way: Other professionals like you could benefit from using your resources. Content creation online is a form of “picking at your brain” so to speak!

When we create products specifically targeting the problems that our clients/students/patients/anyone needs…and build on that by going a step further to meet their needs based on our personal experiences in serving them, we can create a product that will sell!

Just some of the ways you can support others while creating a cashflow for yourself as an entrepreneur include:

  • Digital resources- handouts, worksheets, fliers, posters, workbooks (These are great for selling on TPT). You can up the ante with income with these materials by participating in TPT sales.
  • E-books
  • Print-on-demand books
  • Print-on-demand materials: stickers, t-shirts, tote bags, mugs, etc. These are sold on places like Etsy Print on Demand.
  • Blog posts (blog content is a great way to market your digital content, as well!)
  • Podcasts
  • Graphics shared on social media platforms and in search engines (infographics can sell as well!)
  • Working as a copywriter in a niche market 
  • Creating YouTube videos
  • Course creation-think about targeting your current clients or the professionals like you seeking resources to support their clients.

There are so many different types of content that your future buyers need!

Digital Content Creation: the next phase in your professional development

Digital content creation has revolutionized the way we communicate and share information. It has also opened up new avenues for earning passive income and helping others.

We all evolve in our professional development; We begin as new graduates and progress to advanced clinicians. Along that continuum there are many opportunities to use what we know and refine in our profession to support the needs of others.

If you are looking for a way to change your life and make a difference, then digital content creation is for you. It allows you to generate ideas, make that information accessible to your audience, and help others.

Want to take your ideas a step further? Use the templates, strategy guides, and assets inside Digital Product Creation for Professionals. This toolkit has everything you need to go from idea to completed product, including setting you up for success with a market to sell your products.