How to Make the Most of TPT Sales as a TPT Shop

In this blog post, we’re diving into TPT sales, the Teachers Pay Teachers Sales run by the TPT website. As a TPT shop owner, you want to make the most of TPT sale so you can maximize your earnings. As an OT and PT turned online entrepreneurs, who host digital products on TPT, we’ve participated in many sales and we wanted to share our best TPT sale tips for other professionals just getting started selling on TPT. We’ll dive into how to best prepare for teachers pay teachers sales as a seller so you can maximize your earnings during the short TPT sale period.

What is a TPT Sale?

TPT Sales (sales held on the site Teachers Pay Teachers) are regularly held sales on the online shop and are one way to expand on your income as an online digital product creator as a digital creators we are often looking for the audience that is out there to purchase resources hitting on a specific niche or target audience.

Educators, therapy providers, counsellors, and other professionals can sell digital products on the site. It’s a great side job for teachers to make money online, and one that is easy, especially when you sell what you know.

We talked in a previous article about how to sell on TPT. Starting there create a TPT shop as well as reading tip in how to make money on TPT are good starting points because those blog posts dive into the specifics on getting started as a create or selling resources on TPT.

Primed Buyers + TPT SALE = Maximum Earnings

Once you’ve got some products listed on a TPT shop, you might notice that TPT offers promotional sells every once in a while, and this is a great time to really take advantage of a lot of traffic and a huge audience coming to one website looking to buy.

So often as digital creators we create an amazing new product that serves a specific need…and we know that it works because we’ve seen this product in use with our own personal clients.

So, we create some great graphics and promote that item on Instagram or maybe we create a video and upload it to YouTube or TikTok. With the inital product promotion, maybe we get some traffic to purchasing that product, however, it kind of dies out after a while.

The thing about TPT is that the site has an audience heading to their website that buys and those buyers return to buy again and again. TPT buyers are coming with the intention to purchase resources so they have their credit cards out and are primed and ready to buy. Some TPT buyers even have their credit card loaded into their account so one click shopping is easy. This is the type of audience we want to get our products in front of.

Frequent TPT shoppers know that TPT run sales where they can get great deals on these digital products online so the person that is purchasing on TPT might wait until sale. In order to buy.

This is where a promotion goes from fluctuating sales to a nice bump in income. The TPT sale is when you might end up seeing a higher influx of new customers and for that reason, you’ll really want to prepare your TPT shop and products for the sale. 

How to Prepare for a TPT sale

The nice thing about TPT is that they know what they are doing. They have had much success ain’t the past with sales and usually what happens is that the my duplicate what’s worked in the past. 

When a TPT sale is coming up, you’ll notice a few things

  • An email announcing the sale dates
  • A notice at the top of the TPT website
  • Chatter in TPT Facebook groups

When do TPT Sales Happen?

Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT) typically holds several site-wide sales throughout the year. These sales happen at specific, but predictable times of the year. 

Some of the major sales on TPT include:

  1. TPT Back to School Sale: This sale usually takes place in August or September and is a great opportunity for teachers to stock up on resources for the new school year. Think of this as a Quarter 3 sale (Q3).
  2. TPT Cyber Monday Sale: This sale takes place on the Monday after Thanksgiving and is a popular time for holiday shopping. Many TpT sellers offer steep discounts on their products during this sale. Think of this as a Quarter 4 sale (Q4).
  3. TPT Teacher Appreciation Sale: This sale usually takes place in May and is a good opportunity to show appreciation for teachers by offering discounts on TpT resources. Think of this as a Quarter 2 sale (Q2).
  4. TPT Start of the New Year: This sale takes place in early in the year and is a way to start of a new year by offering discounts on TPT resources. Think of this as a Quarter 1 sale (Q1).

In addition to these major sales, TPT sellers can also choose to participate in smaller sales throughout the year, such as seasonal or holiday sales.

Sellers can also offer their own discounts and promotions on their products at any time. It’s a good idea to check the TPT website and follow TPT’s social media accounts to stay updated on upcoming sales and promotions.

Preparing for a TPT (Teachers Pay Teachers) sale as a seller can help you maximize your sales and reach more buyers. Here are some tips on how to prepare for a TPT sale:

  1. Plan ahead: Check the PPT sale calendar to find out when the next sale will be and plan your products and promotions accordingly.
  2. Create new products: Consider creating new products or updating existing ones to add value and appeal to buyers during the sale. You can also bundle related products together to offer a discount. Think about seasonal products as well.
  3. Set sale prices: As a shop owner, you can add on an additional sale offer for a small percentage so that the discount is added to the discount offered by TPT. This is great for your buyers because TPT shoppers will look for shops hosting sales on top of the TPT discount. Decide on the discount percentage you will offer during the sale and adjust your prices accordingly. Make sure the sale prices are still profitable for you.
  4. Create sale banners: Create a new eye-catching banner at the top of your TPT shop to promote your sale. Add images of your featured items or best selling products on the TPT banner. Then, use that same graphic to promote your TPT store on your social media accounts. Use bright colors in your branding and clear messaging to attract buyers. We cover branding and messaging in our program, Digital Product Creation for Professionals.
  5. Email your newsletter subscribers: Use your email list to promote your sale and let your subscribers know about your new and updated products. Offer them an exclusive discount code to encourage them to make a purchase.
  6. Promote on social media: Use your social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to promote your sale and products. Use relevant hashtags and eye-catching images to attract buyers.
  7. Monitor your analytics: Keep track of your store’s analytics during the sale to see what’s working and what’s not. Use this data to make informed decisions about future sales and promotions.

Use these strategies to start thinking bigger, plan ahead and maximize your TPT shop income at the next Teachers Pay Teachers sale!

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