Side Hustles for Physical Therapists

As a Physical Therapist or Physical Therapy Assistant, you’re familiar with the demands of your profession, but you may also be aware of the potential for additional income streams, especially as side hustles to your traditional physical therapy work. Instead of resorting to traditional retail jobs or unrelated gigs, there are numerous opportunities for physical therapists to leverage their expertise and earn money online. Also check out our list of Summer jobs for teachers and passive income for nurses for more ideas.

Side Hustles for Physical Therapists

With all that the online world offers, it’s possible to use time from weekends, evenings, and Summer breaks to set up a relatively passive income. As professionals, we can use what we know to support the needs of many others, all over the world.

What a great side hustle for traditional therapy work!

Better yet, you can use what you know as a professional in the field (without necessarily offering physical therapy interventions) to educate and support the needs of others, whether that be other PT professionals, or the general population who needs coaching, trainings, or education in a wide range of topics.

All of these options can be income generating side hustles for physical therapy providers!

Whether you’re seeking to supplement your income during your downtime or looking to establish passive income streams that work alongside your practice, there are options available that cater to physical therapists’ unique expertise and schedules.

Here, we’ll explore some online side hustle ideas specifically tailored for physical therapists, ranging from workshops on specialized aspects of physical therapy to tutoring sessions and digital product creation.

Side Hustle Ideas for Physical Therapists

Some of these ideas might be cash-based business ideas for the individual needing support from a physical therapist, such as teletherapy. Others might involve insurance as an income generator. Still others can be trainings or seminars for other physical therapy professionals, in the form of coaching them to intervene with their patient caseload.

In all of these ideas for physical therapy side hustles, you’ll want to consider your business model, who you are serving, the platform for which you’ll offer these trainings, and what works best for your needs and your expertise as a physical therapy professional.

Many of these ideas can be created as digital products, including courses, workshops, webinars, printable ebooks, etc. You could even create a highly niched website on a specific topic. Check out our resource on “how do websites make money” for more information.

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Let’s get onto the ideas…

50 Side Hustle Ideas for Physical Therapists

  1. Online Workshops on Rehabilitation Techniques: Host virtual workshops or webinars focusing on specialized rehabilitation techniques, injury prevention strategies, or condition-specific exercises. Offer participants valuable insights and hands-on demonstrations tailored to their needs and interests.
  2. Virtual Coaching for Injury Recovery: Provide online coaching services to individuals recovering from injuries or undergoing rehabilitation. Offer personalized guidance, exercise programs, and progress tracking to help clients achieve their recovery goals from the comfort of their homes.
  3. Digital Product Creation for Patient Education: Develop digital resources such as e-books, instructional videos, or mobile apps to educate patients on injury management, exercise techniques, and self-care strategies. Monetize these resources by selling them directly to patients or licensing them to healthcare facilities and clinics. These can be sold as a vendor on websites.
  4. Online Continuing Education Courses: Create and facilitate online courses or workshops for fellow physical therapists seeking continuing education credits or professional development opportunities. Cover topics such as advanced treatment modalities, evidence-based practice, or business management skills relevant to the field.
  5. Telehealth Physical Therapy Sessions: Offer virtual physical therapy sessions to clients who prefer or require remote consultations. Provide assessments, treatment plans, and exercise prescriptions via video conferencing platforms, allowing clients to access quality care from anywhere with an internet connection.
  6. Online Balance Coaching Sessions: Provide virtual coaching sessions to individuals seeking to improve balance and stability through personalized exercises and strategies.
  7. Virtual Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy: Offer telehealth sessions for patients with vestibular disorders, providing assessment, treatment, and management strategies remotely.
  8. Digital Product Creation for Balance Training: Develop digital resources such as e-books, videos, or mobile apps focusing on balance training exercises and techniques for home use.
  9. Online Mobility Workshops: Host virtual workshops on mobility enhancement, incorporating exercises, stretches, and mobility aids to improve range of motion and functional mobility.
  10. Telehealth Gait Analysis Services: Provide gait analysis consultations and recommendations via telehealth platforms, helping clients optimize their walking patterns and biomechanics.
  11. Remote Ergonomic Assessments: Conduct virtual ergonomic assessments for individuals working from home, offering personalized recommendations to prevent musculoskeletal injuries and improve workstation setup.
  12. Virtual Chronic Pain Management Programs: Develop online programs focusing on chronic pain management strategies, including education, mindfulness practices, and pain-relief techniques.
  13. Digital Product Creation for Injury Prevention: Create digital resources such as injury prevention guides, exercise videos, and self-assessment tools to help individuals reduce the risk of common injuries.
  14. Online Neurological Rehabilitation Sessions: Offer teletherapy sessions for clients with neurological conditions, providing rehabilitation exercises, cognitive training, and functional activities remotely.
  15. Virtual Strength and Conditioning Coaching: Provide online coaching services for individuals looking to improve strength, endurance, and overall fitness through customized exercise programs.
  16. Digital Product Creation for Posture Correction: Develop digital resources such as posture correction guides, stretching routines, and ergonomic tips to help individuals improve posture and prevent related issues.
  17. Telehealth Pain Management Consultations: Conduct virtual consultations to assess and address pain symptoms, offering personalized treatment plans, lifestyle modifications, and pain relief strategies.
  18. Online Stress Management Programs: Create virtual programs focusing on stress management techniques, relaxation exercises, and mindfulness practices to help clients reduce stress and improve overall well-being.
  19. Remote Sports Rehabilitation Services: Provide tele-rehabilitation services for athletes recovering from sports injuries, offering tailored exercise programs, injury prevention strategies, and performance enhancement techniques.
  20. Digital Product Creation for Home Exercise Programs: Develop digital resources such as home exercise guides, video tutorials, and progress trackers to support patients in performing therapeutic exercises independently.
  21. Virtual Aquatic Therapy Sessions: Offer virtual aquatic therapy sessions for clients with access to a pool, providing guidance on aquatic exercises and hydrotherapy techniques for rehabilitation and fitness.
  22. Online Pre-habilitation Programs or Strength programs: Develop pre-habilitation programs focusing on injury prevention and preparation for upcoming surgeries or medical procedures, incorporating strengthening, flexibility, and mobility exercises.
  23. Telehealth Pediatric Physical Therapy: Provide teletherapy services for pediatric clients with developmental delays or disabilities, offering parent education, home exercise programs, and developmental activities.
  24. Digital Product Creation for Foam Rolling: Create digital resources such as foam rolling guides, instructional videos, and self-myofascial release techniques to help individuals improve flexibility and reduce muscle tension.
  25. Virtual Arthritis Management Workshops: Host virtual workshops on arthritis management, including exercise routines, joint protection strategies, and pain management techniques for individuals with arthritis.

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These side hustle ideas for physical therapists leverage your expertise and experience to provide valuable services and resources in an online format. Whether you’re looking to generate additional income, expand your professional network, or explore new avenues within your field, there are opportunities available to help you achieve your goals.

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