Why You Should Be Selling on TPT

Selling on TPT (Teachers Pay Teachers) can be a great way to earn extra income for educators! If you are a digital content creator, adding your products to various places online is more than a no-brainer, it’s a must! Why? Because listing your digital products in various places adds multiple streams of income to your pockets. Selling on Teachers Pay Teachers is just one of those streams. There are a few other benefits to this platform, too. Here, we’re breaking down all of the reasons why selling on TPT is an opportunity (it’s more than just the income!).

Of course the side income is a major benefit, we talk specifics on how to make money on Teachers Pay Teachers, so be sure to check out that blog post as well.

Selling on TPT

Teachers Pay Teachers is just one of the ways that Margaret from Your Therapy Source and Colleen from The OT Toolbox sell online digital products. WE recently sat down and chatted about our experience with selling on TPT. Grab a cup of coffee and join in on our conversation:

In short, selling on Teachers Pay Teachers is perfect for creative professionals, because it’s a great platform for sharing your resources and knowledge with other teachers, and you can set your own prices for the resources you create.

Plus, you get to keep 80-85% of each sale, so you can make a decent profit with minimal effort. It’s a great way to make a little bit of extra money and help out other teachers in your community!

For educators with specific niches in education, such as Special Education certificates, languages, higher education, and other specialties can create refined resources. This is a great Summer job for teachers.

Selling on TPT and other places

As a digital product creator, whether you are just starting out or if you’ve been doing this for a while, you will definitely want to get your product in front of more eyes. Selling in an online marketplace such as TPT is just one avenue to take in listing your products in different places.

Increase your reach

Selling your digital products across multiple platforms can be a great way to increase your reach and customer base.

By having your products available in different places, you can tap into new audiences, build relationships with potential customers, and ultimately increase sales.

Brand awareness

Additionally, having your products available in multiple places can help to create more awareness and visibility for your brand, as people who are unfamiliar with your company may come across your products while searching for products in a specific marketplace.

Selling your digital products in multiple places can also help to spread the cost of marketing and promotions across multiple platforms, making it more cost-effective to reach a wide range of potential customers. Not only that, but you can recycle your marketing verbiage to reuse promotional content across all of the online spaces where your product is listed.

Selling on TPT to a primed audience

One benefit to selling on Teachers Pay Teachers is that the audience is on the site is there with the intention to purchase online products.

Finding an audience that intends to buy online products can be a tricky process.

Luckily, TPT offers tips and strategies to support you in completing sales. They offer tips and resources at their annual conference, but there are other educational resources out there, too.

Because you sell to an audience that is ready to buy, you can use the things you learn in running a shop on TPT can carryover to marketing your products in other locations online, too. This is a way of carrying the success over to other platforms.

Once you know what works for a particular type of product, you will see sales convert. You can use that information, in various marketing tactics to reach out to future buyers through social media ads, email campaigns, and even word of mouth.

For example, utilizing SEO and website optimization can help to ensure your products are appearing in front of the right people and you can use that knowledge to list the product in other places online, too.

Selling on Teachers Pay Teachers helps you grow

Similar to what we stated above about using information from sales to expand your reach, you can also use that knowledge about successful products.

One way to do this is replicating what works.

If you see a particular type of product selling really well, recycle that product into other themes, versions, or tools for the same areas.

Recycling digital products has become an increasingly popular trend because you know there is an audience for it based on past sales. One way to recycle digital products is to dismantle them into its separate components and reuse them in different products. For example, By recycling digital products can look like creating other forms of digital content like e-books or a course based on a type of workbook that sells well.

Selling on TPT Promotional Sales

Several times a year, Teachers Pay Teachers run promotional sales with a certain percentage off purchases when using a specific coupon code. The platform offers shop owners the ability to run additional percentages off their product listings for further savings to the buyer.

This is a huge benefit to the market because they know this sale is coming and they love to return to their favorite shops.

These sales are great for teachers to stock up on materials for their classrooms and to get resources at a discounted price.

If you’re interested in taking advantage of the sales, make sure to sign up for their email list to receive notifications about upcoming sales and discounts.

Selling on TPT has marketing opportunities

TPT loves to offer a variety of services to support their shop owners. The site was created by a teacher and by nature, teachers and other professionals are helpers” who love to see others succeed.

Selling on the site allows you to reach income goals but even if you are just getting started, you’ll find resources and campaigns to reach the right potential customers and effectively increase brand awareness.

Once you’ve got your TPT shop up and running, the last step would be ongoing marketing. That’s where content creation in digital marketing comes into play. This process will continue with more content being created to market your products.

Want to get started selling on Teachers Pay Teachers?

If you’ve ever purchased an item on TPT, you may have wondered if you could sell there, too. It is a definite possibility! We cover how to sell what you know as a professional (of any type!) in our resource Digital Product Creation for Professionals. You’ll find tutorials, templates, and resources to create products that will sell on TPT as well as strategies to market your product.